Without Friends This Holiday Would Be…

Without friends this holiday would be less than joyful.
They are so much a part of my existence, whether
next door, or thousands of miles away.  Each and
every one has made this season seem fuller, more
alive, more spiritual, more spirited and yet
peaceful at the same time.

Like this card I received from Jill
at Recycled Daze…

Or the vintage holiday banner that came in the mail
from Lyle.

Here are just some of the sweet
images wrapped in tinsel.

I’ve done a little more decorating to keep the
spirit of the season flowing and to make us all
feel warm in these now frigid temps.

A thrift store flower
vase collaged and filled
with led lights casts a soft glow
over some bottles filled with beads.

Pages from a Christmas book I did
a few years ago.

I wish each of you joy.

Photo of a long ago tree
from when my son was small.

A snowy scene from the yard
wrapped in copper.

The gifts of the Magi.

Friends are gifts we need
to cherish or they will be lost.
Reach out to all your near and dear
this season and tell them how much
they mean to you.  Like Jill said,
“Tis the season of love, pass it on…”

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