What’s Better Than Turkey, Well Mail of Course

Some great mail arrived here
this week and I am so excited.

My good friend Pamela sent
me a really cool envelope
template she showed on her
blog.  I will be playing with
envelopes this weekend,
yippee!  The best part was
that she mailed it in a see
through cello envelope.

You can see one side of
this here and a great
postcard from Karen on the
top left and a separate
postcard that came a few
days ago from Pamela
on the right.

This shows the back side of
the envelope template
with instructions in Japanese,
will make cool mail art for
future collage don’t you think?

Karen’s post card is all
about PIE.  Karen is
all about PIE.  Does
PIE cause brain freeze
like ice cream?  Or do you
just get covered in crust crumbs?
Karen will have to let us know
but I think she may already be
suffering from pie-itis because
she has been eating PIE all

Here is the back side corner
of Pamela’s funky red card.
Turkey fun, post card stamp
fun and of course some
maze and a message or two.

This is some spectacular mail, I shall
have to get really inventive for these
two gals – ahem – with some new
envelopes made by hand.

Happy Turkey, or is it MAIL day.

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