West to East

The pond in front of our house runs
west to east as you come by the road.
It is a mile long and about 1,500 feet wide.
Spring fed, clean and cold.

Because it runs from West to East there is a
point in the late afternoon when the sun moves
like a fire across the sky, as if the hand of God
lights up the tree tops with a match.  Sometimes
I am at the ready and the camera sits close so
I can catch this elusive light.  The intense sparkle
lasts but a minute or so, and then it is gone.

I always think of this light as divine, whatever
that means to all my friends out there in the world
because whom but some divine being could create
such wonder.

I managed to snap these three photos which I hope
will give you some idea of what takes my breath away
when this light rolls through.

What lights above lights below…

And a stillness comes to the water
and the raft seems to float on air.

A prayer to the world.

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