Watercolor snow, snowy sheep and a milky quartz

We awoke this morning to watercolor snow.

Yesterday I took the long drive out to Cummington, ma
to meet with a Kerri
from the Conway School of Landscape Design.
In a nearby property were these snowy sheep,
shorn, huddled together grazing.
Guard llamas stood among the flock
to protect them from bear and coyote
as they languished in the frosty 33F air.

This majestic milky quartz sits in the stream bed
and greets me
every time I visit this land.
Quartz in all sizes and shapes abounds here
along with a contented group of black bear
who feast on  beech nuts and nearby neighbor’s trash.
A cascade of yogurt cups evidence of their
nocturnal feasting.
At least the neighbors eat well too…

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  1. Kim Mailhot October 16, 2009 at 5:00 pm #

    loving the new look at your digs, Corrine! Saw some flakes of something this morning around here too but it couldn't possibly be the "S" word ! NNot ready !
    working on a plan for some play time squam style asap!
    Happy Friday !

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