Water World

Today my fishes are swimming indeed.
Water is everywhere. Ice and flow, wind
brown, earth water cascading, cutting the
earth and carrying it into the flow.

Four inches of rain and counting, the
sheer weight of it breaking up the pond
at last and the wind flinging bits of ice
ruched up onto the remaining slabs
like decoration on a party dress.

Rain sheets horizontal have been fleeing
West Southwest  since last night driven by a
Northeast wind and the earth from the hill
carries down past my front step, a rivulet
nut brown and rocky.

Water surrounding me on all sides. 
Dreaming tropical blue and gold.

2 Responses to “Water World”

  1. lyle baxter March 15, 2010 at 12:40 am #

    the amount of water is frightening! fortunately for us the wind has died down. It was terrible last nite. trees falling in many places power out for some! luckily not me! I hope the wind and rain doesnt do too much damage in your town! your turqoise and gold reminds me of the islands where we lived for a while. houses in all my favorite colors. stay dry. lyle

  2. Emma March 15, 2010 at 4:33 pm #

    That's a lot of water! We've had moments when the little stream by our house has risen so high with the tide(it flows from the sea loch/bay in front)the water laps around some trees in my garden & with a Northerly (it's usually sou'westerly) there's salt spray on the windows & we loose the odd tile in the winds. Even tho I'm English there's nothing like the Scottish weather to make you feel alive! I won't tell you we've just had the brightest & coldest winter since we arrived 10 years ago. Hope your water drains away soon

    Thanks for your comment & good to meet you 🙂 Love your work too – fabulous colors. I look forward to reading thru more of your blog when I allow myself the time. A collage a day….? Maybe my little squares will grow up to be a collage one day!

    I don't mean to write an essay here but I'm asking lots of people who do the RD class & DJ Pettit's class what these beautiful books are for, either for you personally or if we made them to sell. What is the market do you think? Just interested!

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