Wahoo Mail and My 499th Post

Wahoo Holiday Mail
Merry jolly indeed with
friends like these.

Lyle and her ever bright red
envelope with Christmas Trees,
and so vintage goodies and stamps
and more trees inside.

Kimbucha, bud o mine
and a postcard and giftie
which I am waiting to open
Christmas Day.

Nests from Pamela in SF
mail art queen extraordinaire.

A perky Christmas bird on
silvery branch from Jill,
a recycler’s best friend
she is a force of upcycling
goodness. See her in CPS
all the time!!!

Pen pal Linda in Virginia
who sadly does not blog
sent me the Christmas letter
in a bottle filled with
stickers and stamps, fir
branches and berries, so
festive, darn why didn’t I think
of that.

Pen Pal Laurie who has
been trading tea  themed posts
with me now has an intriguing
reverse security envie which I
will be opening and preparing
and equally challenging envie
to send back.

Childhood friend Cheryl
from now down NC way
sent this cheery bird
ornament card, those
cardinals are right in my
back yard.

And so it comes to this,
499 posts as of today.
Next one is the big 500.
Stay tuned….

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