Up and Flying Away

Yearning to be a member
of the tribe once more,
painting and hiking
and hugging and deep words.

Tomorrow I fly to Cali
for my next
intuitive painting session.

Into the canyons
into the deep green,
to the grandmother tree
surrounded by water,
into the west,
the enfolding of the circle,
the arms of ideas.

Combustion on my
mind once more as
I prepare to be immersed.

Off to bird land I go,
to the wise hawk who
is my mentor, she who
guides just by being there.

I will miss you all, will visit you
if I can, will SEE you in a week
will think of all your spectacular
creativity as I sleep and lets dreams
flow through my hands onto the page.

I am lucky to have
such friends in the world
as you, lucky indeed.

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