Trash Picking at Squam

Sometimes inspiration comes
directly from the trash bin.

A friend and cabin-mate
was dissatisfied
with a piece she worked on
and I found it in the trash
on the way out the cabin door.

I couldn’t see it moving
on to the landfill, she had
worked hard on it and
her creative spirit was
there even though
she had ripped it apart.

Salvage I did, and
I decided to let my muse
dictate a finished painting
with the thought of her
in mind. She gave me lots
of texture to work with and
some pasted flowers and
a snow man type figure
down on the right.  There
are also some papers on the
bottom and sides which I left
as well.  A collaborative
effort.  Painted with my fingers.
I am enjoying the rawness of it.

I thought I would show it
to you before I sent it off
to her.  Hope she likes it.

A Yellow Sun and
Two Green Moons

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