Transparent Orange Still Floating On The Breeze

I can’t get that transparent orange
out of my head.  It seems to be
influencing most of what is
happening around me.  So
go with the flow I say…

Back to my collage roots.

Orange as a background
for some wonderful mail art
I just received from Katie,
who sent this great Papaya
post card and from Karen
who sent this cool orange
and turquoise ATC.

Orange – well coral really
in the garden and orange
undersides of begonia.

The, well, red
(so I fudged a bit)
not orange of this
stop sign at the
Stoplight Cafe in
with it’s colonial
houses and woven brick

Everything we see influences
everything we do in ways we
don’t even notice.  How great
is that.

Thanks to all my friends and
followers in this virtual world
for influencing me with your
open hearted friendship, an
orange flow fills me with gratitude.

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