Topsfield Fair 2010-second post Saturday

This morning David and I took
our annual trip to the Topsfield Fair.
Luckily it’s only a 15 minute drive,
but people come from all over the
Eastern US to visit this fair over a 10 day

First started in 1818, it purports to be
the oldest agricultural fair in the US.
You can read about it’s history here.

Home to the Eastern version of the
giant pumpkin contest, this year’s winner
weighed in at 1674 lbs, or 119 stone, or
759 kilograms. Pretty big fella this year.

Here it is safely
behind it’s glass enclosure.

The fair has both an agricultural side and
the inevitable carnival.  We no longer visit
the rides, just go for the veggies, the flowers
and the critters, not to mention the obligatory
junk food.  If it can be deep fried or barbecued
or full of sugar, it is here.

Today was the sheep trials which I always enjoy
and the most sheep are seen on this first weekend.

The shetlands and icelandic
sheep are always my favorites.
This little girl with the brown
face in the center won first
prize for her junior handler.

These sweet Tunis lambs were hanging out
in the arena area.

And this gal couldn’t wait to
get her coat off and into the ring.

The poultry barn was mostly full of chickens
but I was there to see the ducks.

I love these old barn
buildings, they have
been there a long time.

A splendid Khaki Campbell male.
This is what our girls look like.

A wonderful Indian Runner,
our duck are a cross between
these and a mallard.  They stand
very erect and have ginormous
orange feet.

A few pretty chickens too.

Coolidge Hall contained
the arts and crafts.  Here is
a gal making penny quilts.
She said that 1,600 were in the
quilt draped over the table.  That
represents 133 hours of work.
Here is a close up…

The grange museum holds lots of historic treasures.

This engraved poster from the turn of the
century, sorry about the flash on
the glass…

A butter worker?
Not really sure how it
works the butter, do any
of you know?

This old rigid heddle loom.

And this kitschy coke

We saw junior pony games, baby pigs,
bunnies and cavies. Flowers and fruits
from our local farms.

Showcasing their wonderful
fruits and veg. I love
to see the farms there
and know that we support
most of them with our
purchases.  The town we
live in used to be all farms
and now, alas, only two remain.

I thought I would end this tour with
a silly photo of me, which actually came
out so good, I cropped another and am using
it as my profile pic on the blog.  You will get a chuckle out
of this…

Hope you enjoyed the fair…

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