To Simply Glow

The last painting I did in California
in November sits just outside my studio
door.  I look at it several times a day
and it seems to glow.

It is a large painting for me 28 x60
and is made up of two sheets of paper
taped together.  I worked on it over
the course of two days.

It is a full painting, many layers upon
layers of tempura, pearlescent paint
and glitter, lots and lots of glitter.
I remember the warm ember energy I felt
as I painted it, building up the layers
getting that second sheet of white paper
and continuing on and downward.

In it I see a woman, pregnant, incubating the
egg of intention.  Glowing with what
will be, what can be and what might

I realize that this painting represents my intention
for 2011. To see what incubates for me
to simply glow and let the warm ember
energy infuse my days.

Not big, not loud, just a quiet, slow,
steady flame that just glows inside
setting my heart free.

My intention is to simply glow
and watch as all of you do too!

Thanks for being there,
thanks each and every one of
you for inspiring me, for quietly
whispering your words of
encouragement in my ear,
for allowing me to crack open
a little further and to simply glow.

xox Corrine

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