Thrifting Goodness

Stopped by the local thrift the other day
and there happened to be a sale.  I love to
support this thrift since the proceeds go
to a battered women’s shelter that helps
women and their children.

It was a banner day for finds.

Look at the sweet
rose still life.  I picked
the frame out of a bin because
it was solid wood and now find
that I am enjoying the sweet painting
and shall hang it as is in the

Another sampler in a wooden heart frame,
two wood boxes, one containing some silver spoons
and a fork. I bird feeder which I think is perfect for
altering into something other. A cigar box, a collaged
rope trim shaker stylex paper box. A game containing
little letter and phrase cards, perfect for collage. And
two wonderful old children’s books, the best of the lot.

Children’s shakespeare book full of
engraved illustrations – marvelous.

And a patriotic primer with Uncle Sam, stories and more illustrations.

Most of these items were under a dollar, can you believe it?

There shall be much creating from this lot and some pretty
roses to look at at night.

Don’t forget to enter the 300th giveaway. David
will pick a name tomorrow night!

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