The Bug Goddess Releases Her Offspring To The Wind

Weird title huh!

Stranger things have come out of this mind,
that’s for sure.

Part of the Intuitive Painting Process
for me
is to simply
find a way to paint
as a practice,
a meditation,
a breath.
Accept whatever
comes my way,
sit with it,
whether I like it or not,
but keep moving
keep breathing,
keep painting.

This week I periodically worked on this
painting and when I finished it up the title
came into my head.

A yearning for Spring, for new life to
begin again and since so many more bugs
inhabit this planet than we do, maybe the
idea of multitudes was in my head, or not.

The painting actually started as this…

Three 14×19 sheets of
vellum taped together
with taped and pasted
paper scraps and kraft.

Moved through this.

Next phase. To what you see
above.  Here are a couple close ups.

Keep moving, keep breathing, keep painting
or sewing, cooking, dancing, making music,
singing, laughing, crying, shouting,
creatively being, freeing, freeing
freeing yourself to be who you are deep in
the soul.

My heart and reiki energy goes out to all
those experiencing the trauma of the
earthquake and it’s aftermath, please send
your prayers, blessings, energy and heart
out there too.

We are so lucky, so lucky.

xox Corrine

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