The ART FIX In-House Residence Challenge MOTIVATOR

Remember how the
studio table looked
in the last post.
Well Kesha’s idea
motivated me to action.
Here is how the studio
looked yesterday afternoon.

Big change huh!

All the gathered up scraps of paper went here…

Including a canvas and
some mesh covered house
shapes.  I scooped up everything
that was on the table and put it in
this bag and my intention is
to use this bag up by April 15th
making things for this challenge.
As well as other papers, board, cereal
boxes, what have you
in the studio
and paints,  pens, markers,
crayons, stencils and glue sticks.

These are what I also made right away.

Post cards from various materials
including a photo of my
Spring garden above.

And an envelope made from a butter box
and various papers
old and recycled.

I’ve got some mailing to do….

Be sure to visit Kesha and let her know
what a fabulous idea this is.
Sure worked for me.

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