The 2011 ART FIX In-House Residency Challenge

Please go visit Kesha Bruce at her fabulous blog and check out
her challenge. Here is what she wrote:

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It:

1. Go into your work area and inventory your art supplies. Dust them off and make a commitment to actually using them.

2. Every week from now until April 14th, 2011, you will post images of what you’ve made on your, blog, your website, on Facebook, or on Flickr. Your choice.

3. Report back here after you’ve published your first post so I can share with everyone what we’re up to.

If you have questions, ideas, or suggestions about how we could make The 2011 ART FIX In-House Residency Challenge even more better, please leave a message in comments.

Sound good? Awesome. Let’s make stuff.

And while you’re at it, riddle me this: What the hell can I make with a bucket of yellow sand, a packet of gold leaf, and a spool of 12 gauge copper wire?

Big Love,


This is exactly what I have been wait for, I knew all that
purging was for a reason…….now that the storage closet
is neat and everything has a place, I could do with  a way
to use up all this….

And this….

Be sure to visit Kesha’s blog
and see her fabulous work.

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