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Magnetic + Recycle = Up-cycle 52 Projects #33 and #34

Magnetic + recycle = up-cycle.  50% new and 50% recycle, for an art project that feels okay.  Every time I go thrifting and flea marketing, I’ve noticed there have been an abundance of cheap tin serving trays.  Sooooo…my recycling brain kicked into gear and said why not use these tins as substrates for a variety […]


Recycling in the Studio

It’s good to remember that not everything we create needs to be saved.  There is that thought of the preciousness of work and what would we do if we didn’t save it all. Someday I might….blah, blah, blah.  I for one am guilty of that, but I am trying to let it all go much […]

Here are the mismatched pieces of the sign, paint splotches an all.

Project Coffee Table

Searching through the house we found part of an old paint company sign in red and yellow.  They had been constructed into a box and they were sitting on the dirt floor of our basement.  After removing them and giving them a thorough cleaning, I was able to salvage some for future use.  I planned […]


Rehab — Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day I went up to the new house yesterday with perennials from my garden and put them into the lawn.  Some bleeding heart, some hosta and some European ginger.  I wanted to bring some life to the place with is brack and bramble, sumac and giant yew bushes that are beyond […]


An Interview — My Eco Art and Life

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by eco artist Julie Rawding of Canorcanot.com.  She is a committed recycler and uses cans to create her art. Her web site is a wealth of information about what to do with trash and how to use it up.  You can read about my eco life here.  Thanks […]


Keeping it Simple — What to do with a Bubblet

In this issue of GreenCraft Magazine there is an article by a wonderfully creative mail artist named Lynn Radford. She does the most amazing thing with leftover plastic bubble packs and the article is just so fun.  Lynn really rocks trash…. So this particular trash multi bubblet came as packing material in something we received […]

Moving it out of the Waste Stream

Most of you who visit here regularly know that we(the Superhero and me) are committed upcyclers finding ways to use materials over again as best we can.  Our new(old) wood shed is a mix of materials – some new that are mostly structural, some really old(from the revamp of our house 16 years ago which […]