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52 Projects #16 Kid Classes

Tiny shape stories. Made a simple one page folding book for upcoming after school kid’s classes at the gallery. Painted paper shapes following the “shapes” show in the gallery for April. Model a one page folded x book resulting in 8 small pages. An exploded view… That’s why I find it always pays to have […]


52 Projects #13

Journals, journals, journals. That’s what I have been up to. Making some for class fun with kids which are covers at this point and making collage in my own journal to get back in the swing.  It’s all about the journal…


52 Projects #12

Frustration. You know. The day nothing goes right, feels good, or satisfies you. That was me last Saturday.  To solve the problem, the challenge, I made a “frustration” buddy to remind no me to look up, look out at new possibilities.  I think he suits me just fine. He’s leaning against my journal stack right […]


52 Projects #8

Another snowstorm is keeping us busy. More than a foot of snow is predicted. What better way to spend inside than to make a new journal out of an old hardcover book. The book I chose is a decorating book and is 9″ x 11″ approximately. I tore out about half of the inside pages […]


Studio doings 

Designing and stitching imaginary creatures for the holiday fair. Each softie will have a tag so the child who receives it will know it’s their creature to define and name. Imaginary play making is the goal. They also appeal to the big kid in me. And to some of you, who have commented to me. […]


Connectedness 2016

Connecting the dots of my creative life, mining for the tiny diamonds of my experiences, stitching them together like a string of jewels to wear.  Big changes moving forward into this new web site.  A new home to share all that my creative, heart-full life entails, experiencing the connectedness to everything. Visioning what the future […]


Pattern as Architecture

Patterns as architecture, as structure.  The warp and the weft woven to create pattern.  Lines of a pattern, blueprints. Clothing, roads, bridges “constructions” of architecture for the body; for life.  The architecture of our lives, the way we structure them, maps to our inner and out movements.  Wind-lines, clotheslines, fence-lines, animal tracks; roads to nowhere […]