Sun On Snow and Some Silly Dogs

Glorious sun warmed us this morning
even though the temps were only at 10F/-12C
when we walked. Thankfully they continued
to rise and mid day hit the freezing mark and
actually felt warm, or we are just to numb to
notice the difference.

Silly dogs romped in the snow and
smiled their way despite the cold.
Our neighbor has been plowing his
sand riding ring and the snow mounds
at the back are up to 15 feet high.
Philo find this a perfect lookout
position to survey both deer and coyote
tracks leading in and out of the woods.

It took a while, but now I am
king of the hill.

Dad and Mama V took the more civilized route.
Past the barn and the contented horses and on
the plowed road.

Is it time for breakfast yet?

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