Squam Art Looks

Besides basking in the glow,
and staying warm by the roaring
fire, and did we need it Friday night,
I actually did make some art
to share
with you.

Pixie Medicine
moved us
“Into the Wild”
and these spirits
showed up.

Going home with Kim to Arizona.

Maya Magic
“Art and Spirit Boxes”
and more spirit in the form
of my grandfather, my original
muse, the one who always is there
for me.

Some pipe tobacco, a map of his birthplace,
some sticks, silk ribbon, found objects(via Maya)
and his heart sits there for me to feel.

Susy Whimsy
“Play and Process”
A box, a sketch, some
collage and paint = heaven.

Painting with my fingers for
three whole days, no need
for a brush, feeling the paint
seeping into my pores (pours), my
body a part of the work,

Lastly, something I needed to keep.

A collage of ink
and paint, leftovers,
yet I found it a memory
worth holding onto.

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