Snowed Up and Mail To Post

We are snowed up.

Full, topped up, bursting,
crammed, packed and overflowing,
abundant and spilling over.

And we didn’t even get all the snow we
were supposed to.

There used to be a patio here…

Remember that snow cake?
See that hump?  Well there she is….

Six foot icicle anyone?

I think there is a garage up there somewhere?

My heart goes out to anyone without power,
collapsing roofs and icy roads.
At least we are toasty with our wood stove
and there is nothing a quick visit to the
chiropractor won’t fix!

So as I watched the snow and sleet I made some new
post cards to send away. I tried to put some humor
and silliness in too.

Lord knows we need it.

Healed? Hopefully my back will be.

Kind of made me think of Australia with that shape….

Stay safe, be well and drink hot toddies, or cocoa at least.

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