Sneak Peak’s

MIA for a few days…..

My best friend from college
has been visiting and helping
me in the studio.  I thought
you would enjoy a few sneak
peaks of work in progress.

The energy of doors was bothering me
so they are going to be getting
some special energetic painting
which I have started here.

The red door unsettled
me against the coral pink
walls so
it’s transformation has

First layer of underpainting done
with a sponge.  Looks textured but takes
a long time.

The other door is gray, and that too is being

Here is the before…

Again, the sponge underpainting
which will continue and I have some
ideas about a sculptural thing happening
over the tops which isn’t quite worked
out yet. And of course, lots more color
to go on yet.

The steel storage shelves are up and will be
covered eventually with painted canvas
a la Alisa Burke style wild painting
and the sink and painting area are
beginning to come together too.

I think the sink will
get a skirt of painted
canvas as well. And
the mess under the
table will disappear.

Believe it or not more glitter
and paint to come. Here
is a bit on the walls.

Painting stations and work table being
built by superhero husband next
weekend and we will set up our
lounge area to chill and have
a break.

Thought you would enjoy a few
progress photos.  Now I have to
check in and see what I have missed
in the last three days, which I am sure
will be amazing!


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