Slow Motion

I have been taking a page from Deborah’s book
and working on slow cloth.  Most times slowing
down helps bring the creative urge back. Does
it for you?

I had recently coffee dyed some fabrics
including this monk’s cloth bag which held
corn meal from a local mill.  I thought it would
make a nice keepsake bag for a Christmas gift.
A coffee dyed cotton doily and some satin
ribbon and the bag will be a good place to
tuck a what have you for someone to keep,
better than new paper.

Some funky scrunched up
ribbon stitched in a primitive
way and some french knots(who doesn’t
love french knots?) will
make a sweet bag.  A little velvet
ribbon will complete the look don’t you think?

Plus a good ironing…

I’m off on an art adventure next week.
I will miss reading you all, but I understand
there may be fab wifi where I will be, so
hopefully I can stay tuned.

Happy Friday, see you when I return.

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