Six Stage Two But Thaw Me Out First

This morning in the freezing weather,
30F/-1C I took some photos of
the next stage in my progress on Six
wearing my full length down coat.

Which you can clearly see
in this full figured A line shape.
I should have worn the hat and gloves
too, since my hands and ears were frozen when
I came back in.

Progress started like this…

Magazine pages glued 3 pieces together and
cut in strips became this…

When woven and glued to
a cereal box substrate. Liberal doses
of paint (Quin crimson, Indian yellow, and later
and overall application of Pastel yellow from
Claudine Hellmouth studio paint series) and some
cheesecloth applied over and the little yellow houses
were born…

I love the cheesecloth and
think it makes the whole thing.
You can click on all the photos and
make them bigger.

More to come, but on this first, freezing,
blustery November day I wanted to leave
you with the magnificence of the mums
and their sunny display.

Ain’t that a pretty pink!

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