Six Stage One

I like things in series, pieces of art that
relate to each other like diptychs
and triptychs.  I have also had the number
six floating around in my head for a while
(who knows why?)
and decided to do a series of six assemblage
pieces to hang on a wall together.

Today I worked on the background foundation
substrate painting to begin the series and thought
it might be fun to share the progress as it unfolds.

Six stage one…

I used three recycled book covers
and each piece is half a cover.

I covered them with muslin
which I shaped into a textured
surface as I glued it.  It feels
like canvas when it is dry and
gives lots of nooks to hold paint.

Lots of drying and paint washes and
drying and paint washes and here
is stage one with some close ups.

There will be much more
paint before it’s even close to being
done, but this gave me a good start.

I also used recycled kraft
from a large duck food bag.
This paper has a surface feel
I like and takes paint well.
Plus it’s heavy and holds up
well too.

David was playing today too.
He is trying out a traveling guitar by an
artist – kind of like Candace but a guitar

Happy Saturday, DO eat too much candy
and watch out for spooks and goblins.

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