Really, Really BIG News, Amost…

Leaping and bounding into the void
my life’s next big adventure begins…

I took the first step in my rebirth as a
Wild Hearts Painting Facilitator
and signed on the dotted line
to begin my journey as

Sparkle Days Studio

Excited, fearful, optimistic,
overwhelmed, seriously friends
overwhelmed, but trying
not to be crazy.

Not much to show you yet,
but I really wanted to put it out there,
put me out there because NOW is
the time to simple BE. Plus, if I tell
all of you about it, there is no going back!

This is the building…

An old mill building
from the 1800’s first used to
build horse and buggy carriages.

Those four windows on the corner
of the first floor, that it.

A wonderful mixed use artist/music/yoga
dance/cottage industry space and a chance to form
a community, be a part of a larger group
of artisans and creative folk.

There is an open studio at 14 Cedar Street
on April 30th from 10-4.  I will be there
with a small table and some flyers and
post cards, but there will be lots of
open studio demonstrations and things
going on, come visit me if you are in the

The red door at the end of the gathering place,
well that’s Sparkle Days Studio to be.

A glimpse of the raw space
filled at the moment with someone
else’s things…

Amesbury, MA,
a town I lived in as a child.
A town where my Dad
built our first house,
sadly no longer there,
but the address was a block away
from here up the hill on Allston Street.

Rebirth, indeed, how could I not?

The blog isn’t done yet, which will link to
a web address. I will be frantic for the next
few weeks trying to get it all together to
move in June 1 and open shortly thereafter.

I hope to hold lots of mixed media, bodywork/
dance party and energy healing classes as well.
With other teachers, artists, movers and shakers
out there.  I want to bring a vibrant energy to
this place with the collective wisdom of
other gifted spirits out there in synergy.

Wish me luck, please, I am going to need
all the support and encouragement I can get,
which you are all so blessedly giving me
all the time.

Thanks for letting me rant, excitedly,
shouting from the rooftops.

More to come, much more to come.

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