Rain, Hail, Sleet and Snow, Say it Ain’t So

Rain, Hail, Sleet and Snow.

In California, well, it was SO…

It was a marvelous week nonetheless
and we moved inward as a group.
Painting and talking in circle around
the wood stove, the fireplace, wrapped
in blankets on the outside and the
warmth of our hearts from within.

A dark time, a winter time, moving
to that inner meditative place to
slow down, reflect and paint with
more intention.

Only two painting made it home.
One a silly starter of the outer face.
The other a long, tension filled,
layered, collage painting of the
inner face which revealed
some surprising truths
about revealing…

Photos of the outside, few and
far between, a peak of sun here
and there, photos of the process,
more documented.

The first view from my window,
rain and mist into the canyon.

And the view down to the painting studio…

And the second painting in stages,
which I photographed
to show the process.
Collage is usually not part
of what we
do but I was itching
to paste something down.
No gel medium
to be found, so I used
masking tape as a collage medium
to create the texture
that seemed so essential to this piece.

The first sheet of paper
painted and circles a la
yogurt cup.

Session two, a second sheet
taped below the first, masking tape,
more circles, more paint.

Session three, more paint,
more paint, more paint.
More circles too. Circle on
circles on circles.

Session four, globs of paint,
more paint, flinging paint, more
circles over circles and scribbles.

Session five, who knew
there was a heart in there.
Who knew accepting oneself
in all of our bigness was so hard,
so foreign, so irritating, so illuminating.

Session six, glitter, gold,
electric blue, more gold.
Tiny heart inside the heart.
Door opening to reveal?

I can’t wait to find out.

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