Putting My Pixie Dust On!

One of the things I discovered
about myself in this last teacher
training session is how often I
am the “good girl”, the responsible
one.  It was something I knew
about myself, but not something
I was willing to change.

Well world, after this low
down, deep well, pit, pile of
#$%^#%$# week where the
painting went below ground,
I have decided once and for
all that I am….

Putting my pixie dust on.

Thanks to these crazy
(said in the most loving
way of course) ladies,
deep friends, traveller’s
on the painting journey,
we spent an afternoon
of pure silliness and
fun.  One of those days
you remember for the
rest of your life.

Coffee, talk, pastry,
bijoux, thrifting, shopping
and wild goings on.  People
stared at us wanting to be
part of the inside joke and
we just left them hanging
giggling as we went
merrily along in downtown
Calistoga. Pure bliss.

I wanted to share some of
this afternoon with you as
we all put our pixie dust on.

Damini and Linda

Ms Carolyn and me.

As Damini strode the town with a rhinestone
crown bought at the thrift, and inquiring minds
kept asking “is it your birthday?” Of course
we all just laughed and walked away.
That crown brought some pretty funny stares.

The gals made me buy this.

So I could try on my
pixie Romany soul.

The most fun you could have
for $20…

Then in another shop this Collage Dress called
to me, another bargain too, just not a thrift store price.

This is just so fun to wear….

Talk about fiber art…..

This bracelet called asking me to be

the hero of my own story.

I couldn’t not show you Damini in her crown.
This pic is from our graduation ceremony.
Dear mentor Chris in the floral head dress
made from flowers
from the ranch
which we took turns wearing.
What a blast, and oh,
yes that’s me in the collage
dress in the background.

And finally the most fun of all….
we all came home with these.

Want to join the tribe of the
tentacles anyone?

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