Process Not Product As Chris Zydel Would Say

I am beginning to integrate the concept
that the process of painting is the be – all.
Often the painting makes no sense, where
it came from, where it is going, even what
the heck it is, and that is how it should be
because the process is just being.

I thought it would be fun to share another
narrative on a painting that I worked on
today, for most of this drenching rainy day.
I don’t think it’s done, but here is where I left

It started with a scribble
drawing I completed in the
last 10 minutes of our workshop
before we had to clean up.  It
is a quick orange paint face
with some pen scribbles.
I painted over it in black after
adding some masking tape.

Several more layer and
more tape.

Various mark making tools
from brushes, to yogurt containers
to the plastic core of a tape dispenser
to paper towels for smudging, I really
like smudging.

Pen scribbles and black,
here is where I left off before
my brain shut down and could
paint no more for this day.

To learn more about what I am
learning go here

Happy Weekend.

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