Work has been really, really busy
which is a good thing.  But, that
doesn’t leave much time for creating.

I snuck back down to the studio after
dinner and played with paper and paste
(well glue stick really) for a brief half hour.

Some new post cards emerged which
will wing their way around the world
and possibly to my backyard.
And also be digitally manipulated
and become my new blog header
in case you did not notice.

I am truly amazed at how many people
are participating in PostCrossing and
how many post cards are on planes,
trains, and automobiles around this world
at any one time. The gallery alone
has over 300,000 on display.

I am glad to be part of snail mail,
even while I embrace the wonders
of technology, there is something
about a tangible thing that has touch
involved that we just cannot get
from our virtual world. To feel the
presence of the artist in a human way
by receiving their post card, particularly
a handmade one.  It inspires me to
connect, to engage in the interplay
of paper on paper in an intuitive way
and to send a little bit of me to someone

Post *Collage

Mail me……

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