Postal Art Bliss

Some fabulous mail art was waiting
for me when I returned home from my
trip and I thought I would share it with
you.  The inventiveness of people never
ceases to amaze me. The creativity in
these pieces just shines with the personalities
of their makers and I appreciate getting
to know these people more, not only from
the letters and message, but from their
inner world of creation.

From Pam in San Francisco

She started the Call For
Correspondents thread on the
Good Mail Day web site
inviting participants. You can
find it here...that’s how I found
her and I can’t wait to see more,
isn’t this post card swell.

From Patricia in Virginia an innovative
re-use of materials, just love it.

You can find her at

From Misty in Ohio, not one but two
great pieces, a folded letter and valentine
card in a home made envelope.

Librarian by day
and pen-thief by night!
Find her here and be
prepared for some
fab history lessons
regarding all things postal.
She has a real cute dog named
Butch too…

From my friend Jill came two post cards
using here own recycled materials. Some blue
hearts and a wonderful abstract piece that makes
me think of birds in the trees.

Check out her pixie dresses on the blog – they are simply marvelous.

And finally, last, but certainly not least, a stash of goodies
and a letter with hand sketching from Katie

I shall be putting some of this gorgeous paper to work as I have
many pieces of mail to send out myself this weekend.

A package arrived yesterday from Dymphie in the Netherlands.
So sweet small crochet hearts from Dymphie just because.
How can you not love a person who is that generous in spirit.

The white hearts are no
bigger than a fingernail,
how she could crochet
that small I just don’t know
but I love them.  Thanks so

I better get busy, I’ve got lots of mail to return.

Ciao for now and have good mail too.

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