Post Two-Erosion Bundles Juicy

While my bundles are swaying in the
wind, and now the light snow, I decided
that I needed to make a more juicy bundle.

I was sewing paper remnants to cut up
cereal chipboard and added wet, dark
coffee grounds to the lot, wrapped them
in white craft paper and tied them up
with cotton string and added some birch

This I buried on top of some leftover
salt marsh hay under birch and hemlock
trees and loosely covered the bundle
with some more salt marsh hay.

I hope the worms and beetles find it
and have their way…

One Response to “Post Two-Erosion Bundles Juicy”

  1. lovelylorisblog September 6, 2015 at 4:43 pm #

    Absolutely love your work. You have inspired me to go down to my studio and slap some paint around.Sometimes I forget to hang loose. Love from Australia , Lori.

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