Pixie Boots

The superhero and me(aka the pixie)
spent the weekend relaxing
no, make that sauntering, cruising
and walking in Chicago.

This year we decided to explore
neighborhoods. We have been
to the city so many times
we really wanted to see
the city from the inside out
not just the glitz and glam.
We did hop to Michigan
and see the Mag Mile,
but just to people watch
not to shop.  Chicago has
77 distinct neighborhoods
in the city proper.
77 neighborhoods each one
so different from the next.

Strolling and more rambling,
Wicker Park/Bucktown, where
we ate the most glorious brunch
at Feast.

Breakfast burrito
with fresh avocado
and ciltrano just picked.
Yum, Yum…

Purple facade, overflowing
flowers and seating outside,
fantastic, until the rain began
to pour.  Luckily we were
under the awning, but it
made walking impossible.

Before we hopped in a cab and
headed over to Ukranian Village,
I snapped some funky signs on
the street.

See those clouds,
the lightening was more

Wicker Park/Bucktown
are youthful and fun, bars,
clubs, restaurants, shops
galore and an easy 15 minute
subway ride from the loop.

The Ukranian Institute for Modern Art
was most unusual.  We saw this exhibit here.

Found object sculpture
by Mike Helbing blew us
away, it was most intriquing
and energetic.  Paintings with
gold, silver, copper and iron
dust by Roxane Legenstein
line the walls. Light box space
wonderful curators and
a lively, edgy neighborhood
provided this jewel in
the most unusual place.

Now about those boots….

If you want western wear
in Chicago, there is only one
place – Alcala’s – around since
1972 and family owned. If you
want it, they got it.

These beauties came home with me.
Pixie Boots indeed.

Yes they were half price,
good thing, or they would
not have gone in the bag.

8,000 pair of cowboy boots
3,000 cowboy hats, the friendliest
family of owners and some talented
artisan tailors, hat makers, and customer
service folk ever.  We spent over two hours
here just taking it all in. Take a look see.

My heart did have wings, look at these!

Rambling and pixie boots, the dust has settled firmly on my shoulders.

More neighborhoods, next post.

Put your pixie on.

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