Peak Color

Foliage has peaked around the pond
and I thought I should take some final
photos on this sunny, breezy day to
document Fall in all it’s blaze.

It was as if the trees decided dull was not good
enough and brightened over the last week to give
us these glorious reds.

Our neighbor directly across the
pond from us always has some
gorgeous sugar maples in view.
You can see by the way the branches move right
that there is always a wind from the west to shape
the trees along the water.

More red and gold could be
seen from my next door neighbor’s
dock over to Camp Wakanda.

The view from our shady dock to the very
end of the pond and the mix of colors
as it moves.

The weekend Nor’easter
brought any leaves down
and deposited them into the pond.
The way the water is moving today
looks like paper marbeling solution.

Our side of the pond is a yellow world
as you can see from a shot up the pasture.

Freya, the Icelandic pony
didn’t seem to care one way or the other, the grass was too tasty.

This sugar maple is up near our garden
and it has the orange/red I like so much.
But our yellow world prevails.

The clouds had paint brush strokes today.

I don’t usually share recipes, but this one
turned out really well.  David loves cauliflower
au gratin, which we all know is full of fat, fat, fat.
Now there is nothing wrong with fat, but we all
have to cut some out these days, so I altered
the recipe and used leftover broccoli soup made
with vegetable broth, onions, garlic, carrots and
mushroom, blended it with the trusty stick blender
(although you could use a blender, or food processor)
white still leaving some chunks of veg.  This made
for a lovely, thick soup that needed no other
fillip to make it tasty.  I used this soup as the base
to make a vegetable bechamel.  A little butter and
some flour cooked to make a roux and added the
soup and only about 1/4 cup of half and half instead
of gobs of butter and heavy cream.  This made
a wonderful sauce to pour over the steamed
cauliflower.  A little grated cheese on top,
20 minutes in  a 350F oven and voila,
a healthier cauliflower au gratin.

I would imagine any vegetable soup would do.  Give it a whirl
and see what you think.

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