52 Projects #4

Trying to get back from a week of yucky flu. I wouldn’t wish this bug on anyone. Luckily I got ahead on my making and had these vintage hearts finished before I hid under the covers.  Vintage feed sacks, simple stitching, glass beads and on the larger heart some vintage ribbon.  Feeling well enough to […]


52 Projects #3

A sunny aspect needed during these darkest months. A use it up, de-stash, hand stitch, knotted project to brighten even the dullest of days.  A heartfelt homage to sunnier days.  A splash of turquoise seas and pinks and Spring-like greens.  What inspires your creative mojo today?


52 Projects #2

Mixed media play for Valentine’s Day this week for project #2. A large 6″ paper mache purchased heart which I painted and glittered. A shiny something something for those I love. Made a bunch finger painting away and using metallic and transparent iridescent paints and some shiny glitter to finish. Off to work on some […]


52 Projects 

52 projects for 2017. I can do that. My challenge to myself for the year. Starting with project #1.  Hand size doll. I drew the pattern, stitched, stuffed and sewed on the wonky felt flower and button by hand and stitched around to outside too. I like the hand in the work.  The slightly uplifted […]


Happy 2017

Happy 2017. My word for the year is collaboration. The Superhero is retired and we will be spending more time together making all sorts of things. In honor of our collaboration it felt only fitting to make two muses to move us forward. Meet Fofark Lovebug and Frances “pinky” McIntyre.  Fo owns a coffeehouse-Fo’s French […]


Brown paper packages

My brown paper package held a most colorful thing.  A beautiful wreath of brush markers. Basking in the glow of a lovely Christmas spent with family and dear friends. The laughter infused us throughout the day  Looking back and looking forward.  Last years angel This year’s tiny muse doll in the works and a sunny […]


Hi ho hi 

Ho ho ho time is almost here. Today is frigid and windy and clear. Too cold for playing outside in the cold, hot coffee and crafting the story to be told.  Inspired by friend April Cole, today was playful coffee cuff upcycling.   And finishing my contemporary calypso rag wreath. I’m hooked on these knotted […]


Merry Making

Lots of merry making going on around the studio these days.  I shared these on other social media but I know some of you don’t participate so I wanted to share with you all as well.  The Christmas spirit has finally hit me and I’ve been finding joy in making for around the house and […]