NoCal Sun, Here I Come, Oops Escaped Dog and Valentine’s Surprise

Off early, early in the morning,
but even with packing, I had
to spend some time in the
studio today just to get a
little glue stick juice.

Sunshine was on my mind,
especially as temps here hit 40F/4C.

I didn’t totally escape winter though.

Baby Ella decided to copy my neighbor’s
Jack Russell Willow and sneak through the
wider opening section of our fence. Luckily she
just sat on the other side and looked at us
through the window into the house and we
scooped her inside as soon as she snuck
back through.  A quick trip to Lowe’s on
David’s part and some chicken wire now
covers that section of fence.  I got nervous,
panicky really, about what might happen
when I was gone, so I broke the crust and
pushed down snow on 250 feet of fence
line.  Talk about exercise!  Then David did
another 150 feet and we blocked off
a section of our yard which also had the
wider fence running around it.  In Spring
it will be replaced, but for now, dogs
in, not out.

Just what I wanted to do today.  After
that I was toast, burned toast!  I don’t even
think I will mind the plane ride, might
just snooze most of the way.

The big surprise is that I will be
connected while I am away from now
on.  For Valentine’s day and and early
birthday present, David got me a new
Ipad.  No I can stay in touch and actually
be able to see a screen and read email,
both for fun and for work, if I must,
and it will make my life easier
when I return too since I can carry it
all over the house, unlike my desktop.
What a sweetie! Some Valentine
indeed.  I plan to take lots and lots
of photos while I am gone and can
now post before I return.  Let’s hope
it doesn’t rain the whole week.

Happy Rest Of Your Weekends!

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