Mountains and Sea

Now I don’t want all you
journalistas out there to be
shocked, but today I actually
included words in my daily collage.

Normally I write in one journal
and collage in another and never
the twain shall meet, except perhaps
a word or two, but on this day
it seemed to fit.

Does that mean I may be crossing
over to the other side????

Anyhoo, the words “Mountains and Sea”
came to me this morning.
It is the title of a 1952 painting by
Helen Frankenthaler, my favorite artist.
You can link to more of her work here.

I had the pleasure of seeing a huge
exhibit of her work back in the early 90’s
at the Smithsonian and she has
influenced my thoughts about art
ever since.

Her work is strong and yet feminine
bold, and yet subtle all at the same time.
The sheer size of most of her paintings
and the sensuous saturation of paint made
me want to just dive in to those
huge canvases and I  could not get enough.

Today was a saturation of joyful colors
for me too.  My own mountain and sea
and a little humor thrown in for good measure.

2 Responses to “Mountains and Sea”

  1. lyle February 6, 2010 at 11:42 am #

    you do get the greatest ideas! I was reading recently that a fad in the 1800's was to write in ones journal in 4 directions one atop the other. why dont you try that while being adventurious! lyle

  2. Michelle Shopped February 7, 2010 at 1:25 pm #

    wow! checked her work out — i can see why you love it — i have always been a fan of abstracts and more expressive forms of art…

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