Mail Call

An envelope from Lyle and a Christmas
Card from Nina Lise arrived on my doorstep
this weekend.

Goodies from dear friends and more on the
way from Nina Lise since I won her hat giveaway
and pal Lyle sends me envelopes almost every two

A quilted Christmas gift
from Nina Lise and some patriotic
and just plain silly fun from Lyle.

This quilted piece is way to nice
to tuck away for next year.  I will put it
up in the studio so I can see it always.

Fun and funky patriotic
pipe cleaner men.
A proctologist’s pen.
With the web site
How could I make that up!
And a Corona keychain to go
with the light up Corona necklace
she sent me a while ago.
I laughed and laughed.

Still purging and lightening the load
making space for what lies ahead.
Three file cabinets down and a huge
pile of creative mags going to the local
library for the teens to take home, that
feels good, maybe we will see some
new art emerging….

Frosty, cold wind today, even the dogs
want to be in near the wood stove.
I not sure my fingers have thawed yet from
my afternoon jaunt with the furry ones.

Go check out Suzi’s blog if you want
a blast of glorious summer.

Don’t know what the big spaces between
photos are today, just blogger being blogger.

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