Mail Art as Creative Incubator

Mail art is marvelous because
there are few restrictions
(you know liquid, hazardous,
fragile, perishable…) to what
you can create to send off to
your pen pals far and wide.

Making mail art is an exercise
in pure play.  A mind free
to wander where it will, bend
around the corner and see all
kinds of things while you
meditatively create something
to send.

There is no good enough,
no right way, no wrong way
just your way.

I find myself slipping into
the rhythm of paper(and great washi tapes)
and glue stick over and over with
recycled materials and
getting lost in the process.

Could mail art be the supreme
creative incubator – for me?
This ah-ha moment arrived
as I started this post.  Do you have
a creative incubator?  If so what
is it, if not, what might it be?


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