Life Gets Big

Life gets big.  Big with friends,
big with companions, big with projects,
big with the holidays.  Alot to do, little
time to do it and a hectic hub bub of
things.  But I seem to thrive when
life gets big, and it’s all about the
moments with friends and loved
ones that make it so precious and

Like Lyle, whose fabulous gift
arrived on Friday.  We have been
messing about with books, journals
and swaps and Lyle decided to play
with elements from our mail swaps,
some of hers, some of mine and make
a journal for each of us.  Isn’t it marvelous…

Each of the pages is stamped
with her own stamp creations
and painted.  I love the beads
attached to the coptic binding.

Stencil cutouts and fun tags, my waxed sewn paper.

Embossing and inked pages.

I just love the textures
on these pages.

And the funky tags and pockets
here and there.  Can’t wait to use
this, thank you Lyle, you are one neat lady.

Another package arrived to us very early Saturday
morning after an 18 hour trip all the way from Eastern Kentucky.
Meet the newest member of the Gilman clan.

Miss Ella Bella.
All of 6 months or so.
Someone threw her away
where she spent some time
starving on the streets.  She was
rescued and fostered for a while,
but it still painfully thin. She weighs
in at about 17 lbs but with long legs
and webbed feet.  She looks like
a Jack Russell, but she has pointer?
heeler? Spaniel? in there somewhere.
A mass of red ticking covers her silky
white body and she is a sweet,
sweet peanut of a thing.

You can see she is a little taller
than a jack and her feet are definitely
bigger, so we will wait and see if she grows
up or just out.

Mr. Philo fell in love and began kissing her
as soon as she arrived and played with her right
away, and she has already figured out that
sleeping with Mama V is a good place to be.

Ella B pretty indeed.

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