Just Before Dawn

The humidity from the hurricane is upon us here
in New England. Too stuffy to breathe, too heavy to
let us sleep. Even the bullfrogs were silent.

In the hour before dawn I snapped this photo
of the float on the still pond. The sky the blue-
black of pre-dawn and the water like a piece of

Swimmers started their daily routine at 5:30, bobbing up
and down with their turquoise bathing caps. A mile from
end to end they swim each day and back before the
ready themselves for work.

I’ve been working on the piece above, which
somehow reminds me of a church, the kind
Corbusier might design in his blinding
white concrete. I don’t know why, I don’t know
why. Maybe the organic shapes.

Since I took all the shots of the collage before
dawn, I manipulated saturation and temperature
to show the details and minimize the flash.

Playing with the photos is just as fun as making
the collage.

Enjoy your weekend. xoxo

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