Junkin Joy

Saturday night the DH and I went
for our usual grocery shopping/date night.

Sounds exciting right?
No, but we do it anyway,
a little food before and grocery
shopping and home again, home again.
(Used to be Home Depot when we were
renovating the house, now at least we get
to eat too!)

But this Saturday was so exciting.
A local church on the way had
a rummage sale and there was
this mountain of stuff with a
huge FREE sign on it.

My mind swirled studio stuff
and we pulled over. I managed to
pick up bamboo canisters to use
for storing brushes, a dish drainer
for brushes, some trays, baskets
and the like and this sweet little
table to collage….

And here she is stage one
with some collage…

More paint, more paint
and more paint and she should
be ready for a final reveal in
a day or two.

Junkin joy yesseree!

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