Intuitive Response Shows Up Everywhere

I have been consciously trying
not to think, not to let the head
get in the way of the heart.

One of my favorite ways to do
this is to lay out a pile of materials
I feel speak to me and use those
materials to create without letting
my head, my critic get in the way.

With very little brain power,
more instinct and gut, I try
and let the process flow
on it’s own, let the materials
transform themselves without
too much judgement.

I started to work on another
fiber piece(oh you sewing gals
and your insidious influences),
and put a pile on the table next
to the machine, some painted,
some upcycled, some new bits
and here is where the process led…

And some fun with pixlr too!

Come a little closer…

Not exactly true to color,
but not far off either. The scratch
effects are pixlr.

And just because, some digi manipulations
that took it even further…

This may get further exploration at a later date
in PSE9.

And one more for the road.

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