In Postal

Some great mail
from great friends
has been arriving
in my post office box
and I wanted to share
it with you…

I am definitely inspired by the post
card from Denise…

Jill will be happy to know
that you too are now using
cereal boxes to make your
own post cards.

Katie was also inspired
by Jill to used a recycled
lunch bag, she even says
so right on the mail.

See Jill it is one person
at a time!!!!

Laurie sent me two cards
in the same week.  Time
for some girl talk and
a snack.

Barbara’s bright pink
textural collage envelope
is a winner. And her letters
are always swell.  I will have
to see what unusual container
some new mail can go in.
I have a little challenge with
her going on my replies.

And last but never least
the ever creative Karen
who is a fantastic mail
art miss and her stitched,
splashed, sketched wonder
is a delight.

Thanks friends,
I am working on
my replies!!!

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