Idea File for the New Year

De-stash, create and play, well
that’s what I did yesterday.

I rescued a tattered manilla folder
to create a pocket file for ideas.
All those little jotted notes that
seem to be everywhere and
get lost because they have no home.

I thought what better way to start
2011 than with a purposeful way
to not only continue to recycle but
to use up the stash and find a way
to be a teensy bit organized.  Just
a teensy bit because if I get too
focused on orangization(freudian slip
maybe I am supposed to get more
orange-ized eh), I won’t
get anything fun done.

Here is a great article on clutter
that will make all you crafty
hoarders happy.  It is written
by my intuitive arts teacher
Chris Zydel (also known to me as my hawk guide)
and here is the link to the article.

I read it this morning and felt ever so much
happier about my small bit of clutter in this

So an idea file to greet the new year.

An old photo of a gal which I thought was
kind of sassy in a homespun way. Some vintage
lace, some prima crochet flowers and various
bits of paper collage, some from friends(Kimbucha),
always need to have the energy of friends in our ideas
and easter egg color paints.

A pocket folder created
out of partially painted watercolor paper
and some washi tape.
Sewing, painting and
fabric to reinforce the fold.

Vintage coffee stained
linen strip for the spine,
more wild stitching with
Sulky mutlitcolored thread
and bright Spring like paints.

A spunky woman in hat
and boots hiding behind a glassine
envelope, what could be better.

Happy days…

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