I Hate It When Work Gets In The Way

I hate it when work gets in the way.
Seems like I haven’t been here
in ages.  I have so much catching
up to do with all of you.

But after a frustrating morning
playing with a database and trying
to send out an evite for a work event,
I flew down to the studio
aching for some creative juiciness.

This is what resulted.

Painted muslin,
upcycled wool, denim
and leftovers from my
book cover, batting really.
Some felted wool from Dian.
A recycled paper flower I
ripped off another canvas.
Some silk sari yarn and paint.

I hung it all off a driftwood stick
I found at Plum Island in Newburyport
which has been drying for a year.

Quin nickel azo gold,
turquoise and indian yellow
acrylic with some titan buff
to tone down the colors.
YES, I said tone down
the colors.  Not me really,
but it seemed to be
the right direction to go
to meld it all together.

The denim got some
paint and pouncing to
mellow it out…
The flower got mashed on
purpose to make it more of a
texture than a bloom.

A little glitz,
a little bling,
some silk sari yarn
to add some zing.

Oh gosh, my brain
is in melt down.

Off to read what you all
have been up to.  Maybe
work should get in the way
more often, it certainly
cranked the juice.

Happy mojo creating all.

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