I came, I SAW

One cabin
eight hearts, one mind.
High Pines

A reunion already
planned. Dates
and times and a
place so close to
the southern border
in an arty little bit
of heaven.

Like this slice right here.

Pixie medicine
Maya magic
Susy whimsey

Taking in the light
opening, opening
my eyes to new possibility
to new sisters on this journey
to scent and crackling wood
and haunting loons and

Expecting the
Bear medicine and
letting go of holding
and rediscovering how much
a glue stick makes me relax
and smile. Repetitive acts
of pasting, and pasting and
losing myself only to find
a new me at the end of the
retreat with deep work to do.

Squam Art Workshops.
Smiling faces everywhere
including me.

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