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Corrine Gilman’s passion for creative play is contagious.
Using the simplest materials, Corrine invites you into a
world of color, sparkle, texture and pure delight.
She will support your inner journey while
effortlessly holding the space for all out
creative exploration and fun. I love Sparkle Days.

Corrine combines painting and collage in a
deeply intuitive way, that allowed me
to explore my inner voice in different ways.
She held me with her heart, held me in my silence.
Allowed me to go deep, feel safe and trust myself. DC

Corrine is magical and Sparkle Days Studio made my
heart sing.  I asked the universe for a true friend that would
listen when I needed clarity, love me when I need hope
and encourage me when I wanted to grow.
Corrine is all of these things and more.
Corrine’s energy circulates throughout her
studio so you are never left alone and no
matter how rough the journey,
she is always by your side. EG

Thank you for presenting myself to me.
I enjoyed your collage class from beginning to end.
So the story continues.  You are so very supportive
in so many ways. You encouraged me to create
“outside the box”. You encouraged me to look at
who I am in an honest, authentic way. Loving ourselves
is not always easy but with your encouragement and support
I felt the glow of love within myself for myself and for
that I am grateful and so many other things about you. Kathye

Corrine Gilman is a genius at helping you let go and play.
She allowed me to try new techniques and I felt completely
free to express myself.  If you want energy to flow in
your paintings, and to feel “sparkly”, get to her studio. Carolyn

Corrine thank you for taking me on an adventure through the
creative process.  Your enthusiasm and love for the process
is contagious.  For the day I was able to escape the outside
world and enter into a world of texture and color. Thank you. VV



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  1. cyndee March 22, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    new site looks good. you can alway tweek it as you go. good luck with your new venture. i really enjoyed the retreat i had with chris zydel.

  2. annie! March 25, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    keep working intuitively! i love your paintings

  3. Leslie M March 26, 2012 at 12:28 am #

    Love the new site, Corrine!

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