Homage to Jana

Jana is a scrapbook artist from Slovenia
who creates the MOST amazing decorations
out of thin air. Please visit her blog and
you will see what I mean.

She has been posting about her Christmas
creations and she made this egg with a tiny tree
inside it.  The tree was made from simple
squares of paper set at an angle.

I decided to try and make one of these
paper trees to use on our Christmas table.

Mine is a re-purposeful one.  Tin can base
covered in book pages, painted and glittered.
The tree itself-more book pages-
is mounted on a bamboo
skewer and the book pages I used
graduated from 4″ at the bottom in
half inch increments to 1 1/2″ at the
top. I used a champagne cork to
hold the skewer and just stuffed
it into the can with paper around it
to hold it in place.  I sprayed the tree
with several colors of glimmer mist
(of course I had no real green color)
but that and a little halo blue gold paint
and some antique gold glitter and
the tree was born.

Coiled copper wire and a plaster star
and some raggedy cheesecloth complete
the look.

I think that I will use some sleigh bells and
glass tea lights around the base for a
twinkling look.

Dead easy, wabi-sabi on my part of
course(no perfectionist here) and using
recycled materials.  What could be better?

Well I could be as wonderfully talented
as Jana.  Hope you enjoy.

Photos flash necessary, sorry.

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