Hodge Podge Weekend

Hope you are all having
a fantastic Memorial Day
weekend with family
and friends.

We have been doing
some get around to it projects.
You know, the stuff you
need to do and never get around
to like waxing the living room
floor, (yes I was on my hands
and knees…ugh),
moving all the houseplants
outside and also in our case
deconstructing our wood bin
and cleaning up the area around
the patio we put in last year.

The salvaged wood from our
old bin came from our house
remodel and is fir that will now
be used again to build my coffee
table for the studio. Upcycle x 2.

In between all of these project
I have found some time for
creative uplift.  The table is
finished, the basket is finished
and a mixed media piece
I purchased from
Mystele, got a $1 thrift frame
covered in collage for it to finally
find a home. When you see
the colors you will realize
that the inspiration fabric
has been rolling around in
my head and coming out
in my projects without
my even realizing it
until I set out to
photograph them all.

Mystel’s work which
my photo does not do
justice to in any way.
Visit her web site for
a real look at this
creative spirit.

I love her women
they are strong, powerful,
whimsical and full of her
overflowing heart.

Yummy, scrummy
transparent orange!

Even the mail art post
cards got the treatment.

Off to the cemetery today
to visit the folks and spruce
the place up a bit.
Dad was a WWII vet, so I want
to do a some honoring today.
And maybe have
a lobster roll for him,
but I’ll skip the Bud.

Enjoy your loved ones this  Memorial Day.

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