Glue Stick Love

I needed a day of glue stick love
and decided to cover a shoe box
with collage mag strips as inspiration
for my mail art posts.

Now I have a place to store all those post cards and mail art
projects in the works until they are ready to fly.

I also got to recycled 6 or so more magazines in the process.

I took this photo the other morning as dawn was just
emerging in the sky.  The light in my studio shone through
the window and I rather liked what came out in the shot.
Since the wind is howling outside, I thought I would share
this with you.

Look at this and just keep saying
no more snow, no more snow.

Happy creating.

Oh and I used Firefox tonight and it just
doesn’t work that well with blogger so
I can’t get the type to behave.  Hope it is
not too annoying.

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